Send a clear message to your newly elected congresspeople.

Tell them they were not sent to or sent back to DC to continue business as usual. Tell those newly elected they were not elected to become part of the establishment. No earmarks in this lame duck session. Cut spending, taxes and Federal involvement and state and local governments (closer to the people) will have the money to provide for themselves. The Federal government is not the answer. If there is a problem they make it worse. If there is no problem they will legislate one and F%@K everything up. That is the record of government from local up to the federal level. Hold your newly elected accountable and if they don’t perform throw them out on their respective A$$ES. Put the federal government back to where it constitutionally belongs. LIMITED. Urge your state representatives to back repeal of the 17th amendment. Urge your local representatives to put pressure on your state officials to do this and contact your federal representatives to repeal this anti constitutional amendment. Take back control of government. It has been too much for too long.

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