Self proclaimed progressive Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, wrong for NY.

“We need more progressives, not believers of Bush trickle-down economics, in the U.S. Senate. Progressives extend jobless benefits to those struggling to find work and cut middle-class taxes. Progressives fight to provide health care coverage to the uninsured and all our kids. Progressives believe men and women serving in the military shouldn’t be expelled solely based on who they love.

I want to return to Washington so I can keep fighting for the things that are important to you — to make sure you have a strong, progressive voice in the Senate
. But I can’t get there without your help.”

The above is taken from a Gillibrand for Senate campaign email. Her words not mine. In short if you don’t want more:

Rubber stamp voting on the agenda of Obama, Pelosi, Reid


Socialist programs

Government bailouts

Government takeovers

Government intrusion and control in your lives

Erosion of your liberties


Abdication of our borders ie: Arizona

etc., etc., etc.

Don’t vote Gillibrand on November 2, 2010

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